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Mr James


Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know. Every day in our lives, we keep on learning and acquiring new knowledge. The ultimate purpose of life is to never stop learning. Education is the part of the learning processes.

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The package includes:
1. Pre Recorded Videos
2. Notes
3. Assessments

Mr James’ lessons help you to understand and answer better in all your A level / IGCSE Business Studies.

Topics to cover:

  • market and mixed economic systems
  • demand and supply analysis
  • price elasticity
  • market failure
  • social and private costs and benefits.
  • unctions of money
  • exchange
  • central banks, stock exchanges and commercial banks
  • labour market
  • motives for spending, saving and borrowing.
  • types and sizes of business organisation
  • demand for factors of production
  • costs and revenue
  • profit maximisation and other business goals

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